10 February 2010

When you are feeling EVIL

Equipped with a camera, any person can take good people pictures....



and also nice landscape pictures....

and not to be forgetting nice pictures of things and food....



By the way if you want extremely mouth watering cookies and cheese cake please contact bejewelled* the official dessert supplier for the mangkuk-itis group. If you love durians seriously go for the durian cheese cake. People have fight over it before, i kid you not.

Now back to the topic, with the a camera you can also do some trully evil things as many celebrities and accidental celebrities found out. 

However if you are in a trully evil mood you can do something like this.....

So this is a lesson to everyone, do not piss off the following people

  • Your waiters and waitresses because they can spit into your food
  • Your immigration officers because they can easily pull out the gloves
  • Your GF because they can give you the silent treatment and also deny you the good stuff
  • And of course your photographers because they can take weird pictures of you. :)


  1. Oh, man...I hope I NEVER piss you off cos you are my Official Profile Pic Photographer!! :)

  2. Muahahaha. So you better watch out?

    Unfortunately i kena de-throned by Anna already. Then again she is a professional. Haha

  3. omfg woman!! can u like post any bigger pictures of saw wen and me? But thank goodness we were not in the "evil mood" of yours...

    and i SOooOO LOVE picture 5 & 6...UBER IMPRESSIVE!!!
    *please teach?*

  4. Sharon: HAhahahaha. I love big pictures man. Can show more details mah. You should be proud alot people say both of you very pretty but never said my skills very good.

    Number 5 is normal shooting lar. However 6 alot of photoshopping skills involved.

  5. Wah...i like no 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6...wah, ALL aH! Nice!
    And I still cant post bigger photos...how to do it ah?

  6. Thanks De Way.

    Go to settings -> Basic -> Scroll all the way down and look for Post Editor. Select the Updated post Editor. Then can post large large. Haha