13 December 2012

Calm Before the Storm

The weather in KL in the past month have been pretty crazy. It is usually super bright, sunny and hot in the mornings and afternoons. However around 3 or 4pm, the clouds will roll in and it would bucket down like crazy.

One day while I was in the office, armed with my camera, I waited until the rain clouds start to come in and caught this photo....

It is a HDR photo or High Dynamic Range photos which allows me to show the dark areas and also the bright areas in a single shot. Basically what I did was to take one shot and underexposed it and overexposed it so that the clouds look oh so garang and the houses in Kampung Bharu still look bright and sunny. Check out how the white building on the left is so prominent. Can't do that without HDR.

Anyway shortly after this photo was taken, it poured like crazy. Haha. Hope everyone stays safe in this crazy weather.


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    1. Photomatix is the program I use to do HDR photos. I never paid for the program so they watermark it. Haha