09 December 2012

Final day of shoppping

Today is the final day we are in Macau and there is basically only 3 things to do in Macau. 

  1. Casino related stuff (Gambling, free and paid shows, etc)
  2. Shopping
  3. Eating
Since we already did the casino related stuff, we decided to do the last 2 things. First was shopping. My cousin brought us to the older part of Macau city where it is basically like a pasar malam/factory outlet shop. Apparently Macau makes a lot of name brand clothing and these are basically the over runs. However before the shopping can begin, we must first do the 3 thing which is to eat. 

What the most famous makan thing in Macau?

Portuguese egg tarts of course. Margaret's is very famous from them and the other one is called Lord Stow. The story is that Lord Stow was the first to open and started to sell the famous Portuguese egg tarts. Apparently Lord Stow and Margaret were married and when they broke up the marriage, Margaret decided to open her own cafe also selling mainly Portuguese egg tarts. I am not sure if the story is true but both their egg tarts are pretty nice. 

Next stop was this place which basically sells all kinds of name brand clothing for cheap. Brands such as Nautica, Polo Ralph Lauren, Abercrombie & Fitch and many more were sold there. This place if you ask me, to go I will never be able to find it ever. It is like in a back alley and some more on the second floor. If you want to try to find here, here is a map....

Some of the stuff are really super cheap and they shouldn't be fakes. There were a couple of Japanese people shopping there and we all know them Japanese people do not wear fakes. Right after that we went to the main street where the other shops are at the so called market and man there were selling all kinds of apparels from Canterbury, Adidas, Mizuno, Jack Wolfskin, etc. You name it and they have it. These one I am not sure if it is genuine stuff or not la. However I got a Canterbury rugby jersey for like RM15. Incidentally that is the only thing I bought other then food throughout the entire Macau trip.

The ladies when crazy and we bought so much stuff we barely fit everything into the bags to go home. After all the shopping, Amy insisted we go for another famous food in Macau....

We actually had to wait until after 3pm where they started selling the Macau Pork Burgers in the famous buns. I do not know why they do not sell them buns before 3pm. Anyway that is our last meal in Macau. We went home to my cousin's place, packed up and head to the airport.

It was a very tiring trip but it was also extremely fun. Having someone there who knows the place well makes the trip so much more enjoyable. We came back to Malaysia with all the shopping and the memories and actually I do not mind going back to Macau if there is free accommodation. Hehe

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