21 December 2012

Outlet Shopping and Ice Cream

After a week of hard work standing around at the exhibition, I finally finished my work and it was time for a very short weekend holiday. We were joined by Sze jean who flew over from Manchester to meet up with us and before she came we decided to go look for this flower shape ice cream. We woke up bright and early on Friday and headed out to find Amarino. It was not surprising that freezing in the morning and after we got to the general area that I thought hey it is freezing and we are looking for ice cream.

In any case it wasn't open yet which was a bummer but lucky we did find another Amarino outlet later in the day....

Picture Thanks to Sze Jean
The speciality about this ice cream is you can choose as many flavours as you like and they will make it into a flower petal. It is quite nice and the ice cream was quite nice as well. We also had a nice chocolate waffle to go with it. See how happy Ee Von is when it comes to desserts. Haha

We met up with Sze Jean at Gare Du Nord, shifted hotel from our first hotel. Yea we had to shift hotel since the first hotel couldn't accommodate 3 people in one room. As we got into our new room I was SHOCKED!!!!

Picture Thanks to Sze Jean

Picture Thanks to Sze Jean

Picture Thanks to Sze Jean

Picture Thanks to Sze Jean
The entire room is PINK in color. Who the heck paints the room in PINK!!!!! The carpets were PINK, the pillows were PINK and the bed covers were also PINK. Lucky my room is not so pink. If not how to sleep at night. Haha.

We dropped our stuff and headed to La Vale√® Village which is actually an outlet shopping center in Paris. They have all the name brands there on super lower prices. Brands such as Polo Ralph Lauren, Longchamp, Tumi. etc. 

We spent basically the entire day there walking and shopping and guess what? I came back with nothing. No surprise there. We went to the Longchamp shop and they only had one of the famous La Pliagè. So after the outlet shopping, we went back to the main outlet in Paris city and the ladies bought a whopping 8 Longchamp bags.

For dinner Ee Von was to meet her boss at the famous Cafe Marlee which is this nice cafe at the Louvre. I dropped her at the cafe and went back to meet up with Sze Jean where we sat at a French cafe to have some good food and catch up on this....

It was a good day shopping and eating and catching up. Tomorrow we are taking a train to Giverny for some cycling action. Stay tuned.....

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