06 December 2012

Shopping, Shopping and More Shopping

On the 4th day of our trip, we were apparently going to shopping heaven just across the border from Macau into China called Zhuhai. Apparently it is where they sell all the grade "AA" fake stuff and it is in this huge underground market.

I actually didn't know that Zhuhai was so near Macau and we just have to take a 15 min ride on yes you guessed it, a free bus from the casino to the boarder. There we basically walk through towards China and shopping heaven. My cousin actually told me that since the standard of living in Macau is so high, a lot of the Macau resident on a weekly basis walk towards Zhuhai to do their grocery shopping. She said that a bunch of vege in Macau would cost equivalent to RM10 in Macau only cost RM1 in Zhuhai. So it makes a lot of sense to head towards Zhuhai to do their shopping.

First we had some dim sum in one of the restaurants before the shopping starts. The shopping is actually in an underground "shopping mall" which surprisingly is fully air conditioned. The crazy thing about this place is it bloody massive and even alternate shop is selling basically the same thing. They basically sell women handbags, clothing and watches. 

The scary thing about all this is that if you want the grade AA stuff you have to ask them and they will usher you into this small little room. The entrance to the room is basically concealed behind a fake wall and if it wasn't for my cousin, we would not have dared to go into any of the rooms. It feels like they going to rob you inside there. After a while it feel like last time when VCD was popular and you wanted to buy some pornographic VCD. Some of them have the secret room and in the secret room it extends to another secret room. It was pretty interesting.

Just to give you and idea how cheap this place is, Amy bought 3 handbags (Longchamp and 2 Marc Jacobs) for equivalent of RM50 bucks. Now that is what I call cheap.

Again we walked and walked and walked until our legs were breaking, luckily Zhuhai is also famous for chinese massage. My cousin brought us for a foot massage as we didn't have much time. We went to this nice place where all 7 of us were put into a room with TV and they provided drinks and fruits. The masseuse also were very friendly and we got talking even with my crap mandarin.

After the massage is another highlight of Zhuhai which is the seafood. What is so good? Well right out the restaurant is the market and you actually walk out of the restaurant, buy the fresh seafood and bring it back to the restaurant to be cooked by the restaurant. The other thing is all the seafood are STILL ALIVE!!!! It cannot get more fresh then that.

We didn't want to get conned and my cousin has this very standard "taxi" driver which came to pick us up. His wife is one of the captain at the restaurant we were eating at. So we went out to look what we wanted to eat and we told her and she went to get the food for us. After all that....

The star dish is the steamed scallops. It was fresh of course and below the scallops there is bee hoon cooked with garlic which was delicious. Another very interesting dish is the picture right above. It is some kinda fish which is very very very soft. Basically there is only one way to cook it which is to fry it. Anything other then frying it, the meat is too soft to be eaten. It was really nice, smooth and soft and it is the first time I had it. Don't ask me what fish it was because I have no idea as well.

After dinner, the ladies continued shopping at the Zhuhai shopping mall and after all that, I didn't even get a single thing at all. My parents were so tired, that we had to sit at a cafe and have drinks while the ladies went on shopping. At 930pm we gathered back at the cafe and walked back to Macau.

My parent's legs couldn't hold up to any more walking so they plus my brother decided to go back to the apartment while my cousin, my sister in law, Amy and I went to Macau city to check out some of the city casino. First stop was.....

The Wynn has 2 "shows" and the first one was....

Initially it was supposed to be the tree show where a tree emerge from the floor and changes color depending on the season. My cousin say that it was pretty nice but as the show started, suddenly a dragon appeared out of the floor. The cool thing was the fire on the ceiling which was very mesmerizing. We found out later that since it was the year of the dragon they alternate between the dragon show and the tree show. When the dragon started to emerge from the floor, we started to hear this like knocking sounds. I couldn't identify the noise until I finally realised that people were actually throwing money at the dragon for luck.

Once the dragon show was done, we walked to the front of the hotel to check out the second show....

It is the fountain show where they use jets of water fountain to create a show to the tune of some song. It was very calming and very nice. Right behind where we were seeing the fountain show, it was the sea and it looks towards the newer part of Macau.

After the fountain show was done, we went back to the first place to see the tree show....

As again people where throwing money when the tree emerged from the floor. We finally ended the day by having some supper at this famous HK restaurant at The Galaxy casino. I think the amount of walking we did could cover at least 5-10km. I should have brought a pedometer to track the amount of steps I took that day.

4 days down and 1 last day to go in Macau before we head home. Lucky it was more of a relaxing day. Stay tuned.

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