27 December 2012

Merry Christmas 2012 C+ Style

I know it is kinda late to wish everyone Merry Christmas, however I am sure everyone is still in a Christmas mood so Merry Christmas everyone!!! I always tell people that Chinese New Year, Hari Raya and Deepavali is celebrated exclusively by the chinese, muslims and hindus respectively. However Christmas for some reason is celebrated by everyone irrespective of race. Maybe it is also the end of the year syndrome but I think it is pretty cool everyone comes together and have some fun.

For the past many years of my working life, I have been in a big-ish company and usually we have a nice Christmas tree setup and we will do the standard gift exchange or go for a nice Christmas lunch. Usually the tree is also setup by someone else and the gift exchange is arrange by someone else. However now I have gone to a smaller company with smaller budget so we had to get a bit creative with the Christmas tree. Let me present to you the CoherentPlus Christmas tree.....

 Since most companies are into all the Green initiative, I think our company is in line with that since no trees were harmed for our Christmas tree and we didn't use any artificial or non-biogradeable material to make this tree. On top of that we can change with the season without wasting anything.

 We are of course very proud of our new tree and have to camwhore in front of it a bit lar. Then come the gift opening ceremony. We had quite a bit of fun see what each of us bought for each other....

Although it was a small Christmas celebration but I think it is very meaningful as everyone put a bit of effort to get something nice and "decorate" the office especially our Christmas tree. Everyone was very happy with their presents and everyone was showing it off in the office after that.

I think this is so much a better way to celebrate Christmas. Merry Christmas everyone and a Happy New Year.


  1. I like your colleague's pink bedroom slippers! Haha!

    1. Oh no she told me specifically not to take a picture of her slippers. Haha