31 December 2012

Happy New Year Everyone!

It kinds sucks that New Years Eve is on a Monday and I am not able to take leave so unfortunately I am working today. However it is still New Years Eve and I am gonna celebrate the ending of 2012 and the coming of 2013 with my lovely wife and some good friends. However that is for another post.

Reflecting back on the 2012 year, it of course has it ups and down. Lows were saying good bye forever to a dear cousin who finally lost his fight with cancel (Rest in Peace Kel and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you. Hope you are enjoying it where ever you are. I still remember the green crocodile and how we used to play firecrackers in Sitiawan). Here is some photos tribute to who Kelvin Choo was....

I will always remember and it is still sad that you have gone but I know that the higher ups have a plan for you and it unfortunately is not with us. As for career well I took a step backwards of sort but hopefully it will lead to something more rewarding in the future. Just have to work hard and see what happens in the 2013 really.

I had some good times as well like surviving the end of the world, going to Macau with my entire family, seeing some good friends like GSC getting married, having a better time in Paris, going to Bangkok, staying in the Banyan with my wife, meeting up with Chong and Ee Von in Bangkok, having crazy 4pm drives to Genting just to go to the Nike outlet shop, had many MWLT (Mid Week Liquid Therapy), PMWLT (Pre/Post Mid Week Liquid Therapy), adopted a dog, had to give away the dog (kinda sad), celebrated Xmas modern style and various other happy occasions. 

I have to say that 2012 has been good and there were more goods then not goods and the best of all about 2012? You got to end 2012 with a bang and on Saturday I did just that. I had 2 super extremes for the day. First I was man handled by another guy for 2 hours and I was literally sore throughout my entire body (except the A-hole and any sexual parts) for the next couple of days. Then I had dinner with.....

8 beautiful, lovely but feisty ladies in a small table at pasta Zanmai. Dun believe the feisty part????

You think it is fun to hang on with so many ladies. However I think that is all movies and cinema man. In real life when you have 8 feisty ladies around you, you learn to behave and not say stupid things or not 8 beautiful and lovely ladies can become 8 little terror cells plotting to chop your balls off. Haha.

Well it has been a really fun 2012 so I bid farewell to 2012. If I have done any wrong please forgive me and lets look forward and work hard for a better 2013. Happy New Year Everyone. Have a safe New Years Eve 2012 and see ya next year.


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  2. Lovely tribute to KC001. <3

    PS. Is your jaw better today? Muahahahah!!

    1. Haha. Jaw is feeling much better now. Thanks for your concern. Hehe

    2. Call me anytime you need a punch in the face! :)

    3. Haha. No thank you very much!!!!!!

  3. I can contribute some punches and kicking too...