03 December 2012

Casino Casino and more Casino

After a full 2 days of walking, we decided to WALK more. This time we will be walking around the Casino around Macau. The main highlight would be the Venetian. However before we got the the Venetian, we would have to walk pass this huge hotel called The Galaxy. The entrance to the casino is massive!!!!

Right outside the door of the casino there was yes another Over-The-Top thing....

Right beside (20 min walk) The Galaxy is the famous Venetian. It didn't disappoint. It looks super nice...

The sky is quite mesmerizing, it looks really really real and if you keep staring at it, it looks like it is actually moving, we hung around the Venetian checking out the shops and the shows. The place is really huge and there is a lot shops to shop. They have all the big name brands here as well.

The most cool thing about Venetian is....

Can't see anything special? Let me give you a hint, look to the left and right bottom of the picture. If you look at it, it is escalators and the escalators are not straight. In fact they curve towards the center. Even seen a curve escalator before? My brother was actually in the Venetian in Vegas about 2 weeks before we went to Macau and he said that the Vegas one also had it and it looks similar to this one. CRAZY!!!!

We basically walked until our legs were about to break again. Then we took a break before.....

It is some award winning super must see show that my cousin has been raving about. She said that if you do not see this, mean you have not come to Macau. I was wondering what is so good about this show la? Anyway she was telling us that the amount of money they invested in the show, they would not even be able to make a profit if they did sold out shows for everyday for 10 years. Crazy right?

Anyway when we walked in we saw this.....

The stage was a large pool which was quite interesting already. When the show started, it really wow-ed me. I was totally struck because one second it was pool in front of us and the next second a big pirate ship just appears out of no where. People were jumping off 2-3 stories high pirate ships and it was amazing.

Suddenly the pirate ship just disappears and a platform appears and they are dancing and doing all kinds of cool thing. After the show, I am believer and man who ever who comes to Macau must check this show out. It was totally cool and we found out later the pool in front of us is big enough to fill 5 Olympic sized swimming pools.

We also found out that if they had any technical issues with the pirate ship, they would actually  cancel the whole section about the pirate ship. Lucky for us during our visit there we no such issues.

Check out this video to have glimpse of how cool this show is...

It is truly a sight to behold.


  1. Why was it so empty? When I went I had to fight with the Chinese tourists to get to the good photo spots.

    Did you see the Kryptonite-like light thingy? I forgot which casino it was in...

    1. You mean why Venetian was so empty? We were lucky because we went the week after their national day. Means all the Chinese Tourist would have gone the week before.

      Oh yea yea it is the GEM show. It is also at The Galaxy casino. Dunno why I never took a picture of it. Haha